1. Working together

Workshop Birmingham is a selective platform. We visit each manufacturer, workshop or supplier before listing.

We do not take responsibility for time taken by listees to reply to emails, turnaround time, or quality of service or production. If you have a consistent problem with the quality of production or service then get in touch and we will review whether or not the listing still meets our criteria and will remove it from the site if necessary.

2. Unwelcome enquiries

We bring fabricators, workshops and suppliers together with new clients and projects. We do not take responsibility for the number, or type, of enquiries received. If you are continually receiving enquiries that are irrelevant, please get in touch and we will address the situation.

3. Listings content

Listees are responsible for supplying accurate information and must communicate any changes to Workshop Birmingham in a timely fashion. If any inaccuracies come to light we will review and, if necessary, remove the listing.

4. Creative Commons

We hope people will share our content and that this will help spread the word about how easy it is to make things in Birmingham. All of our film and photography is licensed under Creative Commons. This means that you are free to use and share our content, but you must credit and link to www.workshopbirmingham.org

You are NOT licensed to use Workshop Birmingham’s content for commercial purposes.

5. The Workshop Birmingham directory is free to use. 

Workshop Birmingham is not-for-profit and we are committed to maintaining free access to the directory in order to support Birmingham’s manufacturing and creative sectors.