Workshop Birmingham partners with Make Works

We are really excited to announce that we have joined forces with the fine folks at Make Works to develop Make Works Birmingham.

Make Works have spent the last few years mapping manufacturing across Scotland and have built up a directory of hundred’s  of companies as well as a brilliant events programme. They were a key inspiration for us when we were setting up Workshop Birmingham and their founder Fi Scott has been our project advisor since we began. We are delighted that this relationship has developed and that we will now be working with them as their first Make Works ‘region’ – hopefully soon we will be one of many as Make Works expands across the UK and beyond.

As well as being an opportunity for us to work with Fi and her brilliant team the partnership also makes the companies and individual makers we are finding in and around Birmingham visible to a far wider network of artists, designers and makers in our region and further afield. We hope it will open up lots more opportunities for creative making, manufacturing and production in the city.

Over the next couple of weeks we’ll be completely transferring the directory element of our project over to the Make Works site – you’ll still be able to get there in one click from Workshop Birmingham and events and news will still be on here so do keep checking for updates.