What are we doing?

We are currently developing three projects:

Make Works Birmingham Directory

We are building a free, online directory of manufacturers, material suppliers and fabricators in and around Birmingham. We are working in partnership with Make Works who have spent the last few years finding factories and building an amazing online resource for designers and makers in Scotland. We are the first Make Works region and we hope we will soon be joined by others from across the UK and beyond.

Find out about Make Works HERE

Events Programme

We are also developing a pilot programme of affordable workshops, master-classes, factory visits and demonstrations for designers, makers and artists, delivered by manufacturers, material suppliers and fabricators. You will find details of previous and forthcoming programming on the Events page and an overview of our plans on the Projects page.

Birmingham Production Space

Since 2014 we have been working to develop workshops and making space to support artists, designers and other makers producing creative work in and around Birmingham. Our initial proposal was published in 2015 and set out an ambitious plan for a new public building with workshops and space for making. You can read it HERE.

These ideas were informed by a series of research visits to workshops, studio complexes and makerspaces across the UK which specialize in support for artists, designers and craftspeople as well as ‘focus groups’ with local practitioners and feedback from online surveys and public discussions.

We are currently working with Birmingham City University and Eastside Projects to move these proposals forward as part of the STEAMHouse project.

Why are we doing it?

Workshop Birmingham helps artists, designers and makers make better use of Birmingham, the City of a Thousand Trades.

By linking local manufacturers, material suppliers and fabricators with the creative sector we are making processes more accessible, developing new connections and unlocking resources, skills, knowledge and facilities which will encourage and enable more people to prototype, make and manufacture locally.

Workshop Birmingham is a not-for-profit project and is led by Ruth Claxton and Sean O’Keeffe. If you would like to get in touch please drop us an email.


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